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[Video] 3 Goals to Have a Great Race Day that Have Nothing to do with Time

If you run races, you probably make race goals, especially related to your time. It’s almost hard NOT to make a time goal, even if it’s a secret one that you make in your head. (Tell me you’ve done that too so I don’t fee alone there.) Anyway, I LOVE making goals that are not related to time because they enhance race day and add meaning to the entire experience of what you’ve worked sooo hard for. I don’t know about you, but I like getting the most bang for my buck, so I grab all the adventure and goodness I can from any race.

The secret to that is setting up meaningful goals.

The problem though, is that if we only focus on time, unless you nail it, you might be really let down and only remember the race in terms of how you failed.

Failure? Yikes! I don’t want you to feel like that.

So, this video details my 3 race goal “sets” that don’t focus on time, but help  guarantee you a great race day, stay motivated during training and increase your circle of support. Bam!  I would love to hear your thoughts and learn what you do (or not do) with your race goals. Shoot me a comment below!

One thought on “[Video] 3 Goals to Have a Great Race Day that Have Nothing to do with Time

  1. Laura, these are great ones. I personally, always like to have an A, B an C goal for my races so that even if I don’t hit a PR or my ultimate goal, I haven’t “failed” so I often set 3 different time goals that I’d be happy with, the C goal often being focused more on feeling good/happy by the end of the race rather than worrying about the time. And overall, the goal of feeling strong (not wrecked or weak) at the end of my race is there for almost any of my races. This requires that I really devote the proper time to training (including running, cross training and resting well) to be prepared for the race.

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