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• all the time in the world (which is about 30 minutes)

Sometimes you know a blessing in disguise right off the bat, which is to say, I suppose, that it’s not much of a surprise. When I picked up my Garmin this morning to head out for my run (which was the coolest Mother’s Day present ever, btw), I noticed that it needed charging and wouldn’t stay on for more than a few seconds. Oh, ok, I’m suposed to slow down, not worry about pace or how long I run. Got it. The blessing quickly noted, I headed out into the darkness, the brightest street lights guiding my way.

Today is Monday and I traded in my longest run on Saturday for a morning in bed finishing a book. I can’t remember the last time I did not run on a Saturday. It felt wonderfully cozy, but the guilt settled in at about 11:00 am and I had to jump out of bed busying myself so that tsk tsk voice in my head would go away. Good thing I could catch a quick run before work this morning, Monday.

As I wound my way through Harris, Agate, 23rd and University streets down to Hayward field in Eugene for a quick sip at the fountain, I realized there was indeed another blessing bestowed upon me. Fresh legs! I love that term, but can’t often describe my runs with it. By taking a break from the pounding over the weekend, I felt like I could run forever and, without my watch, I had all the time in the world! Trying not to be obsessed with how long I THOUGHT I was running, I enjoyed the rest of the run, casually guessing when I needed to get home and ready for work.

Having planned to go to Allan Bros. Coffe Shop and treat myself to coffee, I finished up by heading south on Alder. I was feeling so good, however, that I passed the Beanery and kept going for a couple extra blocks. Relunctanly coming to a stop in front of the coffee shop, I felt great. I glanced at the clock inside to find I had run about 35 minutes, my original goal. Some people ask me how I can stand running, becasue they think it’s so boring. It’s the one thing in my life where I can forget what time it is. Now that’s a blessing.

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