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• whaazup? i’m the new event director for riverbend 5k!

A little over a year ago  when I started Run Momma Run, I knew I wanted the business to have a community component. How could it not? Running is such a sport of lovers… runners love to run, they love their community, racing is in the community and runners have such great community spirit! I decided that  supporting a parents-who-care-about-healthy-food-and-fitness … [continue]

• 10 things i’m not gonna to do

We all have goals. It’s good to write them down. Folks say that if you write down your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them. In the spirit of Calvin & Hobbes’ opposite day I decided to write down my goals in a sort of opposite way. Here’s 10 things I’m NOT going to do. I’m not going to mop … [continue]

• 2011 eugene marathon expo & cheering report

The 2011 Eugene Marathon Expo, was, for me, 2 days of uber people watchin. Because I didn’t run this year, I was much more relaxed. The van was packed up the night before with our sweet runner gifts, I wasn’t frantically pricing things or cranking out signage or making lists from old lists. I didn’t care about what I ate, … [continue]