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[Live Video] Afraid of trying Trail Running? Here’s ONE solution to fix that (and you already know how to use it)

I am SO happy to be on Facebook Live this week talking about what holds us back when it comes to adventure. I’ll help you get over your fear of trying trail running with ONE awesome solution. The cool part is that you already know how alllll about this handy trick.

After years of leading a running group, I’ve helped many folks get out on the trails. But it can be hard to have those first explorations because of any number of fears like…

“I don’t have the right clothes or shoes.”

“I can’t run all those crazy hills. ”

“I’m afraid I’ll fall.”

“I can’t run all those long miles.”

Yep, I had those too (and more!) But there’s a fix to those early fears. Check out this video and discover the solution that will get you out on your own trail running adventure.

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