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One Tip Wednesday: Thumbs Up!

Welcome to your One Tip Wednesday: your weekly dose of runner momma mojo! What’s this, you say? It’s a busy runner momma’s chewable vitamin delivered right to your cozy inbox. It’s healthy, slightly sweet, easy to digest, and it’s got a little kick to it. Every Wednesday you’ll get one juicy tip that you can use in your runner’s life. Because sometimes all you need is a little tweak, a shifted perspective, a pat on the back, a kick in the pants, a solid running technique tip, or, let’s face it, a big hug. So, let’s do it!

the TIP: Thumbs Up!

This first tip is a two-fer. It’s running technique meets self-affirmation. On your next run, focus on your arm swing, specifically on your thumbs. Try turning your hands slightly up so that your thumbs are facing the sky. Don’t stick your thumbs up in the air, but just so they are sitting on top of your hands like you could give the next passing runner a thumbs up. (Which, hey, you might!) I do this shift in hand position every once in a while to check my arm swing form.

the WHY

  • Notice how this opens your chest for a slightly better breath.
  • It keeps your arms from crossing over your center body line too drastically.
  • Notice how it feels emotionally; it’s like you’re giving yourself a “good job, sister” thumbs up!

Bonus: If you’re headed up a steep trail, this little gem is perfect for getting up the hill in rockstar fashion. It’s a small tweak, but helps physically and mentally.

Do you think about your form when you run? What have you noticed about your arm swing? Let me know in the comments below.


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