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How to Keep Running without a New Year’s Resolution

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?! I feel like the holiday season was a bit of a blur. A good blur, like looking at my fuzzy Christmas tree lights without my glasses in the morning as I sip coffee. But with two kiddos set free of school work, it was full of busybodies. The 11 year old’s … [continue]

• motherhood: relentless forward progress

Well, the progress part has yet to be determined. Hmmm, ok, that’s not exactly true. My kids are saying please and thank you (almost) automatically now. That part only took 6-8 years. That’s progress right? And it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t relentless, right? You get the idea. The correlation between parenting and the staple of  ultra running mantras, … [continue]

• procrastination, the dishwasher and my achilles heel

Procrastination.  I’ve been putting off blogging, fixing my dishwasher and attending to my sore achilles heel. I have no excuse for putting off the blogging, but not dealing with my aching achilles heel and pumpless dishwasher have actually worked in my favor. “Mom, can you get me some juice?” “No, sorry, I’m icing my heel.” “Mom, can you make me … [continue]