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• rmr trail run video: owls and mud and laughs, oh my!

8 women, 2 dogs, 6 miles, 1 gallon coffee. That’s a recipe for a great morning…and it was! Run Momma Run’s first trail run gathering was, well, dark at first. For some reason I thought sunrise was around 6:45am, so I planned the run for 7:00. Fortunately, the first mile or so of trail 5 on Mt. Pisgah is dirt … [continue]

• sweet solo running

For all the running I do with friends, I love my solo days. For me, they come in two varieties: 1. The days I plan to run myself: These are mid-week runs in which I plan to hit the road or trails alone. I mostly look forward to these, but sometimes they are about getting mileage in and feel a … [continue]

• trail run video featuring mud, views, chips and tips

I’ve come to realize that I say “awesome” too much. After watching myself on video, I noticed  I also say “fantastic” and “gorgeous” too much. I guess it could be worse. I could be saying, uh, well, I say those words too, just not on this video (well, there is one). Anyway, here is the 4th installment on my way … [continue]