[Running Hills Series Part 1 ] Let’s bust a myth, shall we?

Running Hills pt 1

Running up and down hills is just part of a trail runner’s lifestyle, right? That quad-burning, breathless sweat torture is what we eat, sleep and dream of, am I wrong? Some of us momma trail runners get their climb on between potty training, scrambling eggs, 5th-grade word problems and the 9 to 5. We must love it! * Loud-screechy-tire-skidding-braking-sound * … [continue]

A Runner’s 5-Step Plan for Spring Cleaning & Gear Check (with my favorites)

5-Step spring clean

I’m on a mission. My goal is to put new contact paper in all my kitchen drawers and cupboards before summer. I do a drawer or two a week in between the crazy. I did my favorite drawer first; my tea box drawer. It’s like a magical wardrobe to Narnia. I can just pull open the drawer, gaze at all … [continue]

What is trail running anyway?


I am over-the-top excited about my Trail Running 101 course coming out soon (squeee!) I’m almost done creating all the content (8 units, 20 lessons – oooo0 good stuff, but I don’t want to give too much away yet.) Anyway, I took a break yesterday from all the craziness of writing and life and kids to go on a run. … [continue]