Winter Running Motivation Guide to Keep You Running Strong this Winter


Hi there! Laura here with Run Momma Run. I absolutely love running. But, I do NOT love super dark and super cold, wet and dreary early mornings. That’s when this momma usually has to do her running. I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who struggles to get up and out the door so I created a 7-Strategy … [continue]

The Best Piece of Beginner Trail Running Gear is a New Mindset


When people ask me what I like about trail running, I usually tell them that it’s beautiful to run in nature, that the terrain is so varied and the conditions are always changing. This is what makes running trails so fun, surprising and challenging. But, here’s a little secret I don’t often mention to people. I hated trail running when … [continue]

[Video] 3 Goals to Have a Great Race Day that Have Nothing to do with Time

3 Goals for a Great Race Day

If you run races, you probably make race goals, especially related to your time. It’s almost hard NOT to make a time goal, even if it’s a secret one that you make in your head. (Tell me you’ve done that too so I don’t fee alone there.) Anyway, I LOVE making goals that are not related to time because they … [continue]