Winter Running Motivation Guide to Keep You Running Strong this Winter

7_strategies_winter_running_for_webIf you don’t know this about my family, we are homeschoolers and the project we have set up for the next 2 months is called “holidays around the world.” To my 9 and 12 year old, this means “2 months of making cookies from around the world.” Help! I LOVE COOKIES. Second only to cheese, I could eat cookies. And eat cookies. And eat cookies.

Thankfully, I’m also a runner. So I can eat cookies. It’s the motivation for the running that sometimes gets me, and I’m guessing you too, so I’ve created a 7-Strategy Guide for Keeping you Motivated and Running Strong this Winter, especially around the holidays! button_winter_running_guideIt has my best tips (even a bonus tip), to help you run like you mean it and keep the snooze-button mornings to a minimum. I say minimum because, let’s get real here, sometimes us mommas actually need to sleep more than we need food or air. There’s a serious strategy for that one too.

Ok, so here is the shorty list of strategies, but you should download the guide here for all the details plus a little cut-out sheet to post with your running gear.

    1. FRIENDS: We all know that having someone to keep you accountable really really helps get you out the door, but you have to pick the right friends. Get serious about the buddy system and you’ll both be successful!
    2. RACE: Yep, nothing like the pressure of hitting that “submit” button to get you out there so you’re ready to go at the starting line. But, mixing it up really hits it home. If you usually run 5Ks, try a 10K. If you run half marathons, try a 10K at a faster pace. Keep your brain focused every single day with your new training plan.
    3. CROSS TRAIN: But for reals! That means put it on your calendar just like you do your training runs. Don’t skip it. The way to help you be even more successful here is to add a core-strengthening activity like yoga, lap swimming, etc. You get the idea. Just adding one of these will keep you stronger come spring time. (Uh, and you get to be inside the gym on those days. Sweet!)
    4. NAIL THE PREP: For every minute you prep for your run, you can sleep in longer. Nice! I’m talking every. single. detail. The guide has my personal list.
    5. USE A MANTRA: Not just something sweet like “you’re awesome.” Think Muhammed Ali. Give yourself a seriously powerful message to say to yourself when you wake up. (Check out my semi-ridiculous, but super-effective way I do this using my smartphone on the winter running motivation guide)
    6. MAKE A BAIL-OUT PUNCH CARD: Yep, keepin’ it real here. Sometimes we actually need to sleep more than anything. Make a bail-out card for yourself, then only use it if you hit one of these exhaustion days. But there’s a trick to it. The guide has the full instructions. It works!
    7. JUST GO OUTSIDE: Slip outside with your coffee right when you wake up and turn on the way-back machine. Remember why you’re a runner. Remember when you weren’t as strong as you are right now. Remember why you chose fitness and exploration in your life. Remember why you love it. Get’s me every time!

button_winter_running_guideThe bonus tip is in there too. Because cookies!

Of course, I  want to know which of these strategies resonated with you or tell me what you do to stay focused and running strong in the winter months (or what you struggle the most with). Leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Thanks, Laura